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Skin Care

To flush out all the damaging pollutants and all the baneful toxicants Pink proffers oodles of keys to invigorate and deeply cherish your skin. By using International Products we promise only best results. We take exceptional care to use products that suit your skin tones and makes it sure that you are receiving the best in Pink. Designed to replenish, hydrate and revitalize, our range of skin treatments will leave you looking and feeling great, with healthy, glowing skin.

By using pure oxygen in the facials you are real benefitted by regaining of the health and beauty of your skin. It leaves your skin hydrated and plump. The special facials deeply clean and hydrates your skin as well as relieves acne. A good facial improves the blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy glow. The branded products containing vital minerals and nutrients reduce wrinkles and remove the dead skin.

Waxing is done with exceptional care that your skin looks silky smooth and glowing. Wax used at Pink nourishes your skin and removes tans.

  • Full Arms
  • Full Legs
  • Half Legs
  • Back
  • Under Arms
  • Stomach
  • Full Body

Bleaching removes color, whiten skin. This depigmentation treatment removes dark spots caused by aging, blemishes, disease hormone changes and the sun. It brings added brightness to your skin and makes it soft.

  • Face
  • Lower Neck and Back
  • Full Arms
  • Full Legs
  • Full Body
  • Fruit Facial
  • Shahnaz

The cleansing and facials detoxifies and restores the natural balance of your skin. Your skin turns softer, smoother, brighter and fresher. Facials are just one of the steps to maintaining healthy, clear skin but can also be a relaxing way to pamper you. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin and the extraction of blackheads or whiteheads that clog pores.

  • Fruit Facials
    Recommended for all type of skin types. It helps in deep cleansing and toning of muscles, it makes complexion soft and radiant.
  • Papaya
    The skin will be helped in getting rid of toxins that clog and prevent the facial skin from radiating. Your skin is left moisturized and brightened. Because of its acidity, it can also be used to treat stains or dark spots on the skin.
  • Pearl
    Pearl Facial is recommended for people having dark complexion, scars and dark patches on the skin.
  • Gold
    Anti ageing treat but also a supremely relaxing facial. It also comprises of aroma oils, milk proteins herbs with goodness of pure gold. It is ideal to be used in case of blemishes, pigmentation, dark circles.
  • Silver
    Helps to brighten and soften the skin.
  • Diamond
    Nourishes the skin and makes it look natural and replenished.
  • Red Wine
    Designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles.
  • Glow Facial
    Skin tone improves brightens and glows. Skin looks lively and fresher.
  • Enlite facial
    Skin looks lively and fresher.
  • Whitening facial
    Skin looks smoother and shinier.
  • Uplifting facials
    Helps in uplifting and tightening of the skin.
  • Skin Whitening
    Helps to brighten and soften the skin.
  • Skin Lightening
    Helps to brighten and soften the skin.
  • Normal
  • Pearl
  • Gold
  • Flower
  • Veg Peel
  • Pigmentation Treatment
  • Tan Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
  • Under Eye Treatment
  • Whitening Facial
    Helps in giving the skin a fair radiant look and maintaining the moisture level.
  • Seaweed Facial
    Helps in curing pimples and wrinkles while maintaining the hydration level.
  • Oxygen Facial
    Good for ageing skin having dryness, skin with fine lines, firms the skin and provides nourishment.
  • Clean Skin Treatment
    For even skin tone and clear dark circles, pigmentation, whitening, tan, dark lips.
  • Under Eye Treatment
    For the lightening of dark circles, clear fine lines and stimulates cell regeneration properties.
  • Pigmentation Treatment
    Promotes inhibiting melanin formation brighten the skin tone reduces the pigmentation formation.
  • Underarms Treatment
    Helps to reduce pigmentation and gives you a smooth young skin.

The Basic Formula range is designed to provide perfect facial cleansing prior to each treatment. This formula represents the first basic step to getting the best results from HISTOMER face treatments.

  • Basic Facial
    For a natural glow and smooth skin.
  • Anti-Ageing Facial
    Regenerates the Langerhans cells and revitalizes all skin tissue, cancelling the negative effects of hormone deficiency.
  • Lightening Formula
    Eliminates dark spots and small skin blemishes, giving your complexion a healthy, even and radiant look.
  • Histomer C
    Histomer gives your complexion a clearer, more radiant look and gradually removes small pigmentation flaws. It stimulates the formation of new support fibers in the deep derma, skin becomes more elastic and wrinkles appear less visible.
  • Sensitive Skin
    quickly reduces the imperfections typical of sensitive skin and any type of redness, especially that caused by coupe rosé.

We ensure our customers have a comfortable and less painful experience. Eye brow threading is done with special care to suit your facial features and enhance the beauty.

  • Eye Brow Forehead
  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Chin
  • Side Locks
  • Full Face
  • Detoz cleanup
    For dry skin
  • Oxygenate cleanup
    For all skin types
  • Vitamin C cleanup
    For tanned and dull skin
  • Dermal Zone Signature Facials
    Works for refreshment, rejuvenation, nourishment, lightening and oxygenated clear skin.
  • Speed Wax
    Full Arms, Full Legs, Half Legs, Back, Under Arms, Stomach and Full Body.
  • Signature Pedicure and Manicure
    Crack healing pedicure and hydrating manicure.
  • Bubble Gum Pedicure and Manicure
    Gives you a soft radiant skin with polishing effect.